By Robert Burgins, Jr. 

Don’t miss Lawson State’s upcoming art and music festival. The event will take place October 21st from 10AM-2PM at the Birmingham campus. The event is free to all, whether Lawson State alum or a surrounding community resident. 

The day will be spectacular, as it’ll feature music, art, food and refreshments. You’re encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs and other items to make this experience comfortable and fitting for you and the family. 

In association with Iron Ore, the purpose of the event is to share the inspiration of the Fine Arts and Music community with Lawson State’s perspective students, current students, alumni and its surrounding communities with stewardship, services and unity. 

It’ll also be beneficial to those considering taking up class courses and trades within the future with class information provided by faculty and staff. 

So come on out and enjoy yourselves along with learning how to further your education and our kids’. 

Don’t forget to spread the news as this event will take place this Saturday, October 21st from 10AM-2PM. No coolers or tents will be permitted. 

For further information email 

Event will take place at 3060 Wilson Road SW, Birmingham, AL 35221. 

See You All There!