New Bethlehem Baptist Church (Pastored by Rev. Rogers- 1730 11th Av. North- Bessemer, AL. 35020) hosted a momentous celebration for one of Bessemer’s premiere citizens. Celebrating 90 years of age, this past Saturday Mother Nellie D. Leshoure was given a token of love through the lives she’s influenced.  

Family members as far as California came to celebrate with her and show love along with others. 

What better way to bring in the new year, than to be showed how much you’re loved and cared for by those you’ve raised, mentored, taught and cared for as well. Amongst many talents, Mother Leshoure is a retired church musician who continues to show what vibrancy and self-respect exemplifies within a person.  

This birthday program was conducted by Mistress of Ceremony, Sarah Buie with special words from Reverends, Rogers and Eades along with several tributes from Mother Leshoure’s neighbors, children, grandchildren and others. A special musical tribute of “God’s Grace” was rendered by her children (led by Luellen Leshoure, Jr.), as the crowd clapped and sung along. 

Decked out in black/gray and purple, Mother Leshoure was escorted by Robert Leshoure and Arthur Buie, Jr. to applause as she entered the center. 

The band played a medley of some of her favorite Andrae Crouch numbers as the crowd had dishes of finely prepared salads, baked chicken, green beans, red velvet and yellow birthday cake with purple and white icing that pleased many. 

After a saxophone rendition of happy birthday, the crowd all joined in to sing along as a silver crowned Mother Leshoure laughed humbly.  

Finishing the celebration, the celebrated woman herself told us, “I’m so glad you all thought enough of me to come out this evening and share this day with me. As a young lady I had a whole family to take care of, including myself, but God has shown me just what you can do if you have enough faith and trust. I just want to thank you all, and I thank God for being here as well.” 

A momentous and touching occasion that shows familial love as well as care from friends and the lives one has touched is still around, is a testimony to the hope many still carry in their minds and hearts were exemplified this very day. 

We send wishes of many more birthdays to Mother Leshoure and a Happy New Year to all.