The King Makers Gym is for you. 

     The King Makers Gym, a boxing, mixed martial arts, health, and wellness and fitness facility is open in Bessemer for ages seven to a 100.   

     The facility is located at 3800 Bessemer Super Highway, the former Buddy’s Marineland building.  The King Makers Gym thanks Steve Weil and his family for donating the training facility. 

     The facility was established to encourage preteens, youth and adults in the pursuit of a positive, healthy, strong, mental and physical lifestyle. 

     CEO Marcus King believes the King Makers Gym is a truly distinctive facility in all of Western Jefferson County. 

     The safe, family-friendly 2,000 square foot training space in the fighting arts is ideal for the novice, weekend warrior and even the professional fighter. 

     According to Martial Arts Instructor Tony Pearson, “We are on a mission to invigorate and inspire future community leaders by uplifting and constructing a less violent, more productive healthy, happy neighborhoods and citizens for all of Western Jefferson County, through the disciplined, diligence and determination of the Fighting Arts.” 

     The gym typically provides everything one needs to get started.  There are no contracts, uniforms or limitations on the amount of your desired achievements.  All they require is a humble, respectful character, a willingness to learn and develop an openness to rid oneself of illegal activities, illegal drugs and unnecessary gang and gun violence. 

     Louis Hawkins and Gregory Bonds are the boxing coaches where they build kind hearts, strong bodies and strong minds. 

     For more information, call 205-478-7475 or 205-860-8649.