The Hoover Health Care Authority filed an application with State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) seeking a Certificate of Need (CON) for an ambulatory surgical center (ASC). That ASC will be the centerpiece of the City’s new Riverwalk Health and Wellness Center located in the South Tower of the Regions Riverchase Complex. 

As part of that CON application process, the Health Care Authority is asking residents to sign the “Support Riverwalk” petition online. Or they may send letters to the SHPDA in support of the project. Those letters can be mailed directly to Montgomery or to the Hoover City Clerk who will then forward them. The flyer below shares more information about the project and provides more details about various ways residents can show support. 

For those who may not know about proposed plan: 

What is Riverwalk Village? 

The Hoover Health Care Authority needs your support for the certificate of need (*CON”) application being filed for the Riverwalk Health & Wellness Center. The Hoover Health Care Authority seeks to establish a new ambulatory surgical center and diagnostic facility located at Riverwalk Village. Riverwalk Village is envisioned as a mixed-use community focused on health and wellness to include medical offices, trails and green spaces, housing, and retail. The new development will be located on a 90-acre tract near Riverchase Parkway that includes 450,000 square feet of existing corporate offices. The existing South Tower will be transformed into a full-service healthcare facility and will offer a range of services for all stages of life. 

Health & Wellness Benefits 

  • Diagnostic healthcare services provided at a lower cost for patients. 
  • A high-quality healthcare operators) identified by the Hoover Health Care Authority. 
  • Opportunity for reduced waiting times and faster EMS service through increased 
  • Education and training opportunities for students seeking healthcare careers. 

Economic Impact 

  • Estimated total economic impact of the project’s construction and operation phase is$2.5 billion. 
  • Estimated total employment impact of the project to be over 1,000. 
  • Prepared by: M. Keivan Deravi, Ph.D. | August 2023|