The 10th Annual Alabama Music Awards, slated for July 28th at the Bessemer Civic Center, promises a spectacular celebration of the state’s diverse music scene. Recognizing talent across genres, the awards showcase categories like Best Male/Female Artists and Best Album, providing an inclusive platform for both emerging and seasoned artists and fostering Alabama’s musical prowess. 

A major highlight is the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring individuals who’ve made enduring contributions to the industry. In 2020, Jeff Cook, lead guitarist for Alabama, received this prestigious accolade for his pivotal role in the band’s success. Boasting 21 gold/platinum albums and over 78 million records sold, Alabama, under Cook’s influence, clinched more than 150 awards. 

The Bessemer Civic Center, a fitting venue, will host a night brimming with live performances, presentations, and special segments, offering an immersive experience into Alabama’s rich music culture. As the 10th edition approaches, anticipation swells for this year’s winners and the commemoration of a decade-long journey honoring the state’s musical legacy. 

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