This past weekend, the spotlight was on the talented thespians of John Carroll as they participated in the prestigious 83rd annual State Trumbauer Theatre Festival. The event brought together passionate drama enthusiasts from across the region to showcase their skills and compete in various theatrical events. 

The John Carroll contingent, consisting of 13 dedicated participants, left an indelible mark on the festival by securing places in an impressive nine events and earning a staggering 18 superior rankings. The entire John Carroll community is bursting with pride in celebrating the accomplishments of these budding performers. 

A special round of applause is due for the outstanding achievements of the following students who received superior rankings in their respective events: 

  1. Nate Ubil 
  2. Amaya Malone 
  3. Gwen Ubil 
  4. Lila Bakir 
  5. Eva Watts 
  6. Veronica Walker 
  7. Amelia Leath 
  8. Amaya Malone 

These students not only demonstrated their exceptional talent but also exemplified the dedication and hard work that goes into honing their craft. 

In addition to the superiors, John Carroll Thespians showcased a broad spectrum of excellence, with the following students earning excellent rankings in their events: 

  1. Lila Bakir 
  2. Elias Marinelli 
  3. Kara Pepe 
  4. Maggie Von Hagel 
  5. Gwen Ubil 
  6. Kristen Cleary 
  7. Sophia Barber 
  8. Miracle Tripp 

These students exhibited commendable skill and creativity, contributing to the overall success of the John Carroll team at the festival. 

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the participants for their remarkable performances and the honor they brought to John Carroll. The commitment to excellence displayed by these thespians not only reflects positively on the drama program but also serves as an inspiration for future aspiring performers. 

As the curtains close on the 83rd State Trumbauer Theatre Festival, the John Carroll community eagerly anticipates the continued success and growth of its talented thespians in the world of theatre. This achievement not only marks a momentous occasion for the participating students but also underscores John Carroll’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and thriving arts community.