By Robert Burgins, Jr.  

Thanksgiving is reeled with the delights of family congregating around the kitchen/family table to enjoy stomach joys of greatly prepared dishes. 

Yet also it is oft celebrated with church communion to share with others the joy and gift of the day, as well as to receive a message of gratefulness.  

This Thanksgiving several churches came out to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with joyous singing and testimonials within the morning services.  

The Annual Thanksgiving Day Fellowship Program was held at Greater Bethel Baptist (Pastored by James Eades) this past Thursday in congruence with other Bessemer congregations such as Friendship Baptist and Macedonia Baptist.  

The program’s message was delivered by Macedonia’s very own Pastor William Scott. He delivered a riveting message from 2nd Corinthians chapter 9 verse 15 with the subject of “Thanks to God.”  

Pastor Scott led the congregation through memorable references of growing up in the Bessemer community as a youth with renderings of reminiscent places and lessons the congregation not only related to but remembered within the valuable sermon. Rev. Scott’s message was also dedicated to the fact that Thanksgiving is not about being able to eat good food, but also to remember the reasons we’re all able to have such holiday events and the value of being in the world to appreciate such. 

Greater Bethel’s choir along with the Macedonia male chorus sung magnificent renditions of “Everyday Is a Day (Of Thanksgiving)” and “I’ve Got a Mind to Live for Jesus” which led the crowd into moments of sheer vocals that permeated spiritual thankfulness.  

Rev. Sylvester Shaw of Greater Bethel was pulpit conductor as Rev. Marvin Williams (Friendship Baptist) with his usual joyful spirit, led the congregation in memorable testimonials. Usually within this annual event, members of the congregation give revelations of their year’s experiences and motivations to continue to trust in the Holy Spirit. 

The day was an exemplification to find reason and honor within the realms of thankfulness and appreciation to family and all the joys the holiday season brings to many. 

We hope you all had a festive Thanksgiving of new memories and stories that’ll be shared within the coming years, as we hope all will have a great and safe Christmas as well. 

We say thanks and blessings to all of our friends and relatives, for we’re thankful for the great things and those that help us to be great in our own special ways.