By Donald Jay Howton

Birmingham Chapter, SAR Welcomes New Members at September Meeting

It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning as the members and their guests arrived at The Club for the September meeting of the Birmingham Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

Chapter President Dr. Paul Petznick called the noon meeting to order.

Following the offering of prayers and pledges, President Petznick introduced Librarian General Dr. Fred Olive the officiant for the Induction ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Dr. Olive presented William Patterson, Commissioner Greg Fanin, Bennett Pearce and Stephen Hooper to the members of the Birmingham Chapter. They were warmly welcomed into the organization.

After the ceremony the members enjoyed a delicious luncheon and the famous orange rolls.

The guest speaker for the meeting was Col. Alan Miller, president and CEO of The American Village in Montevallo. He spoke on the history of The American Village, a village-scaled interpretive museum built as a recreated colonial-era town located on 187 acres. The Village opened in November of 1999.


It’s a Girl

Congratulations to Madison and Alex Weeks of Odenville on the birth of their first child Tatum LeeAnn Weeks.

The little love was born on October 10 at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She weighed seven lbs. and 12 oz.

The happy grandparents are Mike Weeks of McCalla, Tammy Waggett of Rainbow City and Kim and Tim Oliver of Ragland.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jon Batton Terry, II, son of Sarah Kate and Jon David Terry on the occasion of his first birthday on October 5. The fun-filled birthday party was held at the McCalla residence of his grandmother Betsy Terry.

Seen in the crowd were Lou and Bill White, Rachel, Jeremy, Anna Claire, Ellie Batton and Hoyt Fleming, Gil Higgins, Carol and Ceasar Rodriguez, Ginny, Madison and William Viers, Betty and Dwight Kimbrell and Jeff Higgins.


The Rotary Club

The 2023-2024 president of The Rotary Club of Shades Valley is Jon E. Lewis.

Also serving with Jon are Marcus Chatteton, William Wentowksi, Willard Dean, John Beard, Ashley Neese, David Bell, Tom Killian, James Somers, William Longshore, William Johnston, Laura Gilmour, Kim Ryals, Richard Sanders, Lindsy Gardner and John Porter.

The Rotary Club sponsors many service projects, charitable endeavors and educational programs.