Classic Towing and Recovery, LLC is having the 7th Annual Slow Down, Move Over Awareness Event. The rally event was created 7 years ago and is now hosted annually, to bring awareness of the Slow Down, Move Over Law, which was established in 2009 in Alabama. The purpose of the law is to protect law enforcement, emergency responders, tow operators and highway maintenance personnel who are conducting business on Alabama’s roadways. 

The event began in 2017, due to the loss of a beloved individual John Hubbard, who worked for Classic Towing and Recovery. John was struck and killed on December 10, 2016, while changing a tire on the side of lnterstate-59. This incident was a shock to Classic Towing and surrounding communities. Thousands reached out to us during that time making us very aware of the lack of knowledge people have regarding the Slow Down, Move Over Law and the dangers we face while keeping roadways safe. We have organized this event to bring a much-needed awareness to Alabama’s motorist, while honoring John Hubbard and others who have been injured or killed on the roadways. 

This year’s location will be announced in the coming weeks. We will have food trucks, inflatable bounce houses and live music. We are expecting over two hundred police units, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks and other emergency responders to participate in this year’s event. This year we are requesting all roadside workers to attend as well. 
We would be honored for you and your organization to come and help support Classic Towing and Recovery, LLC as we advocate for awareness of the Slow Down, Move Over Law. 

Please contact Wes Passmore at or (205) 965-6137 for additional information.