Special to the Star 

In the heart of District 5, a sense of gratitude and community spirit filled the air as Council President Darrell O’Qunn and his team spent a remarkable day expressing thanks and making a positive impact. The focus of the day was on two vital initiatives – affordable housing through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the City’s dedicated Community Development team, and a heartwarming Thanksgiving gesture of delivering turkeys to neighbors in need. 

The commitment to providing affordable housing opportunities has been a cornerstone of District 5’s vision for a thriving community. On this particular day, the gratitude was palpable as the community gathered to welcome new neighbors to Wahouma, a significant step in an ongoing collaboration between the district and Habitat for Humanity. The partnership represents a shared commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing, fostering a sense of belonging and stability within the community. 

As the new neighbors were welcomed with open arms, the spirit of unity and shared purpose reverberated throughout Wahouma. The significance of providing not just shelter but a place to call home was underscored by the smiling faces of those who now have a chance at a brighter future, thanks to the collaborative efforts of District 5, Habitat for Humanity, and the Community Development team. 

In addition to the housing initiative, the day also saw a heartfelt gesture of kindness as Council President Darrell O’Qunn and his team delivered turkeys to some of the neighbors in District 5. This Thanksgiving tradition goes beyond the political boundaries, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and compassion within the community. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, District 5 expressed profound gratitude for the partnerships that make these initiatives possible and for the opportunity to welcome new members to the community. The day’s events serve as a reminder that, when united by a common goal, communities can create positive change and build a foundation for a brighter and more inclusive future.