Hope Marshall 

Candidate for District Criminal Judge, Place 11 

Tenth Judicial Circuit of Jefferson County, Bessemer Cutoff Division. 

Political Races Run: March 5, 2024 

Hope Marshall has over 20 years of legal experience, 17 of those years in private practice fighting for justice. In addition to fighting for her clients, Ms. Marshall is a Commissioner on the Alabama Securities Commission, a commission which protects Alabama investors, including fighting for vulnerable citizens – often the elderly – who have been the victims of financial fraud. Ms. Marshall is involved in local, state and national bar associations, and has served on nearly countless sections, committees, and boards throughout her legal career. 

After a lot of thought and sincere prayer, Ms. Marshall felt that God was guiding her to the decision to run for District Criminal Judge, Place 11. “I am not a career politician or a seasoned candidate for judge,” Hope shared. “I am a candidate of and for the people.” 

Ms. Marshall has lived and worked in and around the Bessemer Cutoff for the majority of her adult life. While attending Birmingham School of Law at night, she worked as a legal assistant during the day at the firm White Arnold & Dowd P.C. She continued her employment with White Arnold & Dowd as a law partner, where she has practiced primarily in criminal defense, white collar criminal defense, and complex civil litigation. She said she feels like she is the perfect candidate for the District Criminal Judge because it is the “people’s court.” 

“District Criminal Court is the first court of law that most citizens interact with law enforcement, attorneys, and judges.” explained Hope. Honest, as well as humble, open-minded, polite and experienced are qualities Ms. Marshall believes Jefferson County needs in the District Criminal judgeship. “No two cases are the same,” she said, “and the citizens and members of the bench and bar all deserve a judge who will treat each with dignity and respect. 

“A vote for me will get you a judge that has all of those qualities, plus one that has been dedicated to fighting for justice in and out of the courtroom every day,” she said. 

“Let’s be honest,” Ms. Marshall said “before this election, a lot of people may not have known my name. However, there is a good chance that they themselves or someone they know has seen me volunteering at a school, shelter, or community event. They may have even heard of at least one of my ‘fights for justice.’ 

Ms. Marshall was instrumental in securing the release of Mr. Michael Schumacher in 2021. Mr. Schumacher WAS convicted under Alabama’s Habitual Felony Offender Act for a crime he committed when he was just 24 years old. Despite never being involved in a crime where anyone got hurt, he received a sentence of mandatory life imprisonment without parole based on three minor prior convictions, two of which occurred during a single incident when he was 17 years old. At 60 years old, Mr. Schumacher had given up hope he would ever be released from prison. Hope, along with her law partner, worked with Alabama Appleseed and successfully petitioned for Mr. Schumacher’s release after being imprisoned for 36 years. 

“I am asking to be the ‘Hope for Justice’ for Jefferson County.” Ms. Marshall said. “Grab a friend and head to the polls on March 5th to vote for me the only Hope on the ballot.”