In a significant development, Pro Tem Wardine Alexander has been appointed as the Vice Chair of the 2024 National League of Cities (NLC) Large Cities Council by Mayor David Sander, who currently serves as the President of the NLC Board of Directors. The announcement comes as the League of Cities celebrates its 100th anniversary, marking a century of dedicated efforts to strengthen cities across the nation. 

Pro Tem Alexander graciously accepted the appointment, expressing her deep honor and enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the Large Cities Council. As a representative of Birmingham City Council, her appointment reflects not only her individual achievements but also the city’s longstanding commitment to making a positive impact on urban communities. 

Mayor Sander commended Pro Tem Alexander’s dedication to public service and her proven track record in municipal leadership, making her an ideal candidate for such a significant role within the NLC. The Birmingham City Council, proud of Pro Tem Alexander’s achievements, extends its heartfelt congratulations on this notable appointment. 

Pro Tem Alexander, upon accepting the position, conveyed her eagerness to collaborate with fellow council members during the upcoming meetings later this month. The discussions will center around defining focus areas, establishing in-person meetings, and addressing various critical issues that will shape the trajectory of the Large Cities Council throughout the year. 

The City of Birmingham, through its active participation in the National League of Cities, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing the collective interests of municipalities. As the @leagueofcities celebrates its centennial milestone, Birmingham City Council takes pride in its historical and ongoing contributions to this vital organization. 

The League of Cities’ 100th anniversary serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of its mission, which focuses on fostering collaboration, innovation, and advocacy for cities nationwide. Birmingham City Council looks forward to continuing its involvement and contributing to the NLC’s efforts in strengthening cities for generations to come. 

As the Council embarks on a new year and Pro Tem Alexander assumes her role as Vice Chair, the Birmingham community joins in congratulating her on this distinguished appointment. Together, they look forward to a year of impactful collaboration, growth, and positive change within the National League of Cities, as they collectively celebrate a century of dedication to the betterment of cities across the United States.