(HOOVER, AL) – The Hoover City Schools District (HCS) celebrates a remarkable continuation of academic excellence by proudly maintaining its esteemed A grade on the newly released 2023 State Report Card. The Alabama State Department of Education awarded HCS an overall grade of 93. District leaders commend school administrators, teachers, students, and support staff for their commitment to academic achievement and for remaining dedicated to keeping academics at the forefront. District leaders are proud of our educators who consistently analyze student data to identify areas for improvement and implement interventions to bolster academic growth. 

HCS Superintendent Dr. Kevin Maddox expressed immense pride in the results. 

“We are thrilled to maintain our A grade on the State Report Card. This accomplishment reflects the hard work and commitment of our entire school community. While this is only one small measure of our progress, it certainly reflects a positive trajectory for the entire district. Our staff members and students are to be commended for their hard work,” said Dr. Maddox. 

In a notable accomplishment, HCS not only sustained its district-wide “A” status but also demonstrated remarkable improvement across multiple key metrics. Among the highlights: 

  • School-Level Achievements: Out of the 16 schools in the district, 14 maintained or exceeded their A status from the previous year’s State Report Card, showcasing the consistent dedication to improving academic growth. Out of 16 schools in the district, 6 scored a 98 or 99. 
  • Middle School Success: All three middle schools in the district experienced growth in every academic area, resulting in an overall higher A than the previous year. 
  • District-Wide Academic Achievements: The combined academic achievement scores have significantly increased district-wide. Elementary school scores are up by 4 points, middle school scores by 7 points, and high school scores by 4 points. The overall district-wide combined academic achievement has surged by an impressive 5 points. 
  • College and Career Readiness (CCR) and Graduation Rate Gains: Hoover High School and Spain Park High School demonstrated commendable increases in their CCR and Graduation Rate percentages with the Class of 2023! However, since the ALSDE uses Class of 2022 data to calculate the 2023 State Report Card, the Class of 2023 gains will not be reflected until the 2024 State Report Card. These amazing gains in the graduation rate and CCR serve as a testament to the district’s commitment to preparing students for success beyond their academic journey.  

Spain Park High School Principal Dr. Amanda Esslinger said, “We are proud to receive an A on our report card again this year.  This score is reflective of the challenging curriculum that our teachers provided and that teachers continue to provide in a truly caring environment. I am grateful to the entire faculty and staff at Spain Park and those at the district level for all that they do to empower our students to be successful at and after Spain Park. We are excited to continue working to help our students learn and grow.”   

Trace Crossings Elementary School Principal Quincy Collins said, “I am beyond proud of the Trace Crossings Elementary School family! Together, we continue to foster a learning environment that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Maintaining an A grade on the State Report Card reflects our commitment to excellence and the limitless potential that thrives within the walls of Trace Crossings. We celebrate this success as a shared victory, knowing that every member of our school community has played a vital role in achieving this remarkable milestone.” 

The annual State Report Card evaluates school districts based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including achievement and learning growth measured by state achievement tests, attendance, English language proficiency, college and career readiness, and graduation rate. The overall grade, marked on a traditional A to F scale, is a holistic measure of a district’s educational effectiveness. 

HCS Chief Learning Officer Dr. Chris Robbins says he is very proud to be a member of the HCS family; the district continues to trend positively.  

“We are so excited to know that Hoover students have shown academic growth in every measurable way over the last three years. This year’s State Report Card is no exception – our district improved upon last year’s already fantastic district report card. We will continue to use this report card and many other forms of data to gauge our progress and continuously look for ways to improve to best meet the needs of every student in Hoover City Schools,” said Dr. Robbins.  

Dr. Robbins attributes this success to the support of the board of education, the Hoover community, the hard work of our teachers, the dedicated support of our staff, and the strong leadership of our principals. 

HCS remains committed to providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment that prepares students for success in college, careers, and beyond. While district leaders recognize and celebrate accomplishments, efforts to identify areas of growth at each school will continue. The district takes pride in setting high expectations for teachers and students, resulting in consistently favorable outcomes for our schools.