In a momentous celebration, Mayor Brocato honored a local centenarian, Mrs. Dorothy Blom, by presenting her with a Key to the City and a proclamation on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Mrs. Blom, the mother of former Hoover Mayor Barbara McCollum, was recognized for her incredible milestone, and the community joined together to extend heartfelt birthday wishes. Mayor Brocato commended Mrs. Blom’s exemplary life, describing it as a shining example of purposeful living. 

As the city gathered to celebrate Mrs. Blom’s remarkable birthday, leaders from Alabama Power took the stage to share an exciting update on Hoover’s Energy Conservation Measures Agreement. Covering 12 scopes of work, including water conservation, the agreement was initiated in February 2021 and concluded in July 2022. Remarkably, the implemented measures surpassed expectations, resulting in a substantial savings of $1.8 million for the City. This impressive achievement exceeded the projections made at the agreement’s inception, demonstrating the success of Hoover’s commitment to energy efficiency. 

Alabama Power officials announced their plan to return in the first quarter of 2024 to provide a comprehensive report on the outcomes and overall impact of the conservation measures. The success of this initiative not only reflects the city’s dedication to responsible resource management but also sets a positive precedent for sustainable practices within the community. 



In another significant display of progress, the Hoover Fire Department showcased its two new rescue units outside City Hall. Among them, Rescue Unit #8 is set to serve the Greystone area, while Rescue Unit #11 will cater to the Trace Crossings area. The unveiling of these state-of-the-art rescue units marks a substantial investment in public safety and emergency response capabilities. Residents and officials alike had the opportunity to explore the new units, emphasizing the city’s ongoing commitment to the welfare and safety of its residents. 

As Hoover looks towards the future, the community takes pride in honoring its legacy, embracing sustainability, and investing in the latest advancements to ensure the safety and well-being of all its residents. The convergence of these notable events underscores Hoover’s commitment to progress, community engagement, and a bright future for generations to come.