TUSCALOOSA, Alabama (November 7, 2023) – The Red Kettle Campaign is The Salvation Army’s oldest and most important annual fundraiser and the lifeline for many of The Salvation Army’s vital programs.  Every dollar raised through the 132-year-old campaign stays in the community and enables The Salvation Army to bring life-changing programs and services to those in need throughout the year. 

The generosity poured into the Red Kettle Campaign from the community is the foundation of the organization’s programs to support those faced with impossible choices like paying the rent or keeping the utilities on. The Salvation Army stands in the gap for these families struggling with the continual squeeze of rising prices and diminished resources. 

Red Kettles will grace the entrances of local stores and businesses throughout the holiday season. Last year, the Tuscaloosa community rallied and raised over $63,000. This year’s goal aims to surpass $80,000 to support local programs for food assistance, shelter assistance, emergency financial assistance, senior programs, veteran services, and more. 

The Salvation Army is embracing new ways to give back with the rise of cashless and online transactions. Donors can now seamlessly contribute online at TuscaloosaKettle.org or at the kettles using various options, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Venmo.  

Visit SalvationArmyTuscaloosa.org or call 601-566-5945 to volunteer, donate, or learn more about how you can support The Salvation Army this Christmas and beyond.