By Donald Jay Howton

Just in time for Christmas, Alabama taxpayers’ one-time rebate will be in the mail beginning December 1.

On Wednesday, November 1 Governor Kay Ivey announced that the rebate, which was included in her 2023 budget, was her plan to utilize Alabama’s budget surplus to provide meaningful financial relief to working Alabama families.

The Alabama Department of Revenue will issue the rebates.

Gov. Ivey stated, “This is the people’s money and it is only right, while acknowledging we are recording revenues far exceeding normal and sustainable levels, we give a fair share of this money directly back to the people of Alabama.”

The amount of each rebate is based on the qualified taxpayer’s filing status: $150.00 for single, head of family and married filing separate and $300.00 for married filing joint.

Qualified taxpayers can expect to receive their rebate based on how they received their 2021 tax year refund, direct deposit or paper check. The rebates will not be taxable for Alabama income tax purposes.

“The Alabama legislature worked hard with Governor Ivey to put money back in the people’s pockets,” stated House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels.