Hueytown High School’s promising students are heading to state competitions this coming month. Hueytown High’s FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) were invited to present their upcoming competition piece at the monthly executive board meeting for Hueytown’s Chamber of Commerce’s board members. 

Level three competitors, Alfred Steele, Laila Drake, Jaiden Steele, Galilea Arteaga & Jaiden Barnes will tackle the professional topic of ‘The Solutions and Effects of Distracted Teen Driving’ within this particular grade level category competition in Montgomery, AL. March 6th-8th. Their topic will be presented to legislators, lawmakers & community inhabitants. 

This particular evening we witnessed the students in rare form with feedback given by Board Members of the Hueytown Chamber of Commerce.  

The presentation started with an enactment of an actual car accident which had one student act as an emergency dispatcher and one other student in the role as a parent notified of the terrible news, followed by the students’ passionate reasoning why such an issue should be spoken and presented to others for future thought and reference. FCCLA President for Hueytown High, Jaiden Steele told us “We’re looking to bring awareness based around significant topics with this presentation my peers will be sharing to get conversations started from their ideas.” 

Board members gave sincere advice within the realms of vocal projections, articulation and eye contact with audience members to shed light within the message the students will be presenting. Debbie Kiker (Director of Hueytown Chamber of Commerce) told us, “We’re glad to partake in this event to help our kids gain confidence for their big day and to advise as needed.” 

Hospitality & Tourism Pathway Instructor, & FCCLA Chapter Advisor, Ms. Tiana Thompson spoke with us, saying “Being a part of their lives is unexplainable. They’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them. But this helps to teach them about politics, professionalism and more. So it’s just great for them to learn also, going forward into being great contributors in society as they reach adulthood.” 

Principal of Hueytown High, Ryan Howard spoke enthusiastic words for the students, telling us, “I’m proud of this group of students and their initiative to speak on these particular topics and am looking forward to seeing them be victorious within the upcoming competitions.” 

Other Hueytown students will also participate in professional presentations concentrated on the topics of Baking & Pastry, Repurpose & Redesign, Job Interviewing, Entrepreneuralship and Focus On Children. 

We send all of our state’s student body competitors well wishes in their various endeavors, programs and events they’ll partake within the coming months. 

We support you all wholeheartedly.