In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and teamwork, the John Carroll Catholic Middle School cross country teams have left an indelible mark at the recent Southern Conference Championship, hosted by Briarwood. With exceptional performances and outstanding results, the boys’ and girls’ teams have made their school and supporters incredibly proud. The teams are coached by Angela Napolitano and Ashton Jorgensen. 

Here’s a breakdown of the achievements and results from this prestigious championship: 

Boys Team: 1st Place Overall  

The John Carroll Catholic Middle School boys’ cross country team emerged as champions, securing the coveted 1st Place Overall title. Their dedication and hard work clearly paid off, making them the team to beat in the Southern Conference. 

Girls Team: 2nd Place Overall  

The girls’ team showcased their talent and resilience, clinching a well-deserved 2nd Place Overall. Their remarkable performance is a testament to their commitment and unwavering spirit on the track. 

Boys Top 10: The boys’ individual performances were equally impressive, with several members earning top positions. Here’s a look at the outstanding achievements of the boys’ team: 

  • Tristen Wilson: Secured the 3rd position. 
  • Max Reaves: Not far behind, finishing 5th. 
  • Anthony Topazi: Showed great form to clinch the 6th spot. 

Girls Top 10: The girls’ team featured some phenomenal athletes who displayed exceptional skill and determination. The top 10 rankings for the girls’ team include: 

  • Zuzu Dillard: Demonstrated unmatched prowess by securing the 1st position. 
  • Reagan Flynn: Followed closely behind, earning the 2nd spot. 
  • Ari Chavez: A strong performance earned her the 5th position. 
  • Anne Lane Silko: Rounded off the top 10 with a commendable 10th place finish. 

These remarkable results reflect the dedication, discipline, and commitment of each team member and their coaches. Angela Napolitano and Ashton Jorgensen have played pivotal roles in nurturing these young athletes, honing their skills, and instilling the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. 

The John Carroll Catholic Middle School community and supporters couldn’t be prouder of these talented student-athletes. Their achievements at the Southern Conference Championship serve as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that with hard work and a passion for their sport, incredible feats can be accomplished. 

As the boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams continue to impress and make their mark on the running circuit, there’s no doubt that their future is bright. Congratulations to these outstanding athletes and their coaches for their incredible performances at the Southern Conference Championship. We eagerly anticipate more accomplishments and victories in the future as these young runners continue to chase their dreams and excel on the track.