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Greater Fourteenth Street Church Food Box Giveaway a Blessing

By Donald Jay Howton Greater Fourteenth Street Baptist Church in Bessemer is indeed an asset to the city of Bessemer. Each month they bless the...

Seasonal Trimmings

By Robert Burgins, Jr.  Bessemer's 11th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting & Gift Giveaway was a memorable event.  This past Sunday, Bessemer citizens came out to enjoy...

Good Afternoon: A Chat with Freddie F. Freeman, Storm Water Management, City of Bessemer

By Donald Jay Howton Freddie F. Freeman of Bessemer has been the storm water specialist, Storm Water Management for the city of Bessemer since 2015....

Bessemer Approves Floodplain Buyout Program Ordinance

By Donald Jay Howton There has been a significant increase in flooding throughout the city of Bessemer in recent years. These natural occurrences cause substantial...

Colorful Inspiration

By Robert Burgins, Jr.  The city of Bessemer has recently been plastered with eye delight. Any traveling highway 150 will be in for a treat that'll...