The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and the spotlight shone on the talented students of John Carroll High School as they participated in the 2023 District 6 Trumbauer Theatre Competition at Thompson High School on Saturday, November 4. This annual event brought together young actors, musicians, and playwrights from various schools to showcase their theatrical prowess in a range of events, including solo acting, musical theatre, and playwriting. The results? An impressive display of talent and a multitude of accolades for John Carroll Thespians. 

A total of 21 John Carroll Thespians took the stage, giving it their all in categories such as solo acting, both dramatic and comedic, solo and duet musical theatre, and playwriting. The competition was fierce, and the stakes were high, but these talented young performers were more than up to the challenge. 

The results of their hard work and dedication were nothing short of remarkable. John Carroll walked away with a staggering 18 Superior Rankings and 13 Excellent Rankings. These accolades are a testament to the dedication, passion, and sheer talent of the young thespians who graced the stage that day. 

Among the 18 Superior Rankings, a select group of students secured their spots at the upcoming State Competition, which will be held at the University of North Alabama on Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd. These gifted individuals are: 

  1. Nate Ubil 
  2. Eva Watts 
  3. Veronica Walker 
  4. Lila Bakir 
  5. Sophia Barber 
  6. Miracle Tripp 
  7. Elias Marinelli 
  8. Kara Pepe 
  9. Amelia Leath 
  10. Kristen Cleary 
  11. Gwen Ubil 
  12. Maggie Von Hagel 
  13. Amaya Malone 

It’s worth noting that four of these outstanding students, Lila Bakir, Gwen Ubil, and Amaya Malone, advanced to the State Competition in not just one but two events, a remarkable accomplishment that highlights their versatility and talent. 

While these remarkable students advanced to the State Competition, two more students at John Carroll received Superior Rankings but narrowly missed the opportunity to compete at the state level. These two exceptional performers are: 

  1. Peyton Hyche 
  2. Larissa Garrett 

Although they didn’t qualify for the State Competition, their achievements are nothing short of commendable, and they undoubtedly added to the overall success of John Carroll Thespians at the District 6 Trumbauer Theatre Competition.