By Donald Jay Howton

Flags around Bessemer and the Bessemer Cut-Off have been flying at half-staff for a week now. How many have noticed?

On Monday, October 9 Governor Kay Ivey ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff immediately in honor and remembrance of the lives lost in Israel during the recent conflict.

Governor Ivey stated, “The repeated acts of terrorism and violation of Israel’s sovereignty must be stopped at all costs. Those responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israeli citizens are not only the enemies of our Jewish brothers and sisters, but the United States and her people too.”

She further added, “For more than 80 years, Alabama has proudly stood in solidarity with the State of Israel and we will continue to do so through these challenging times.”

Governor Ivey encourages the people of Alabama to remember our Jewish brothers and sisters in prayer as they fight to protect their homeland.