By Robert Burgins, Jr. 

This past Sunday True Worship celebrated cancer survivors within the community. As we all know, the month of October is Cancer Awareness Month where we support and remember those who’ve battled and are battling such illnesses. True Worship Missionary Baptist celebrated cancer survivors with a program which included their call to worship service and a morning message from Lady Deborah Frazier along with a ceremony honoring cancer survivors.  

The Phenomenal Women Foundation in congruence with True Worship Ministries, made sure those within the community who’ve lost loved ones, (as well as those who’ve battled the illness and survived), were adorned with spiritual support and love. 

The month of October is geared towards breast cancer awareness, to promote screenings and prevention of the disease. The Phenomenal Women and True Worship Ministry have made sure they’ve done just that by raising awareness and sharing information with those in the city of Bessemer about a hard topic, yet with needed information and conversations.  

True Worship Ministries Founder, Dr. Valerie Oakes spoke with us, saying “We spread hope to our survivors in making sure they know they’re not alone. We want them to always remember and know that God is the healer and will be here with them throughout such difficulties, so we want them to keep their hope levels always positive and to never feel abandoned or forgotten. We want their spirits always to be hopeful and their minds concentrated on the miracles our God can work within such difficult times.” 

True Worship Missionary Baptist is located at 1401-4th Ave. SW Bessemer, AL 35022. 

We congratulate all cancer survivors and remember those lost to an illness we must continue to fight and be more educated within the prevention of such for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Visit the American Cancer Society website for further information and local health care providers for such inquiries and needed consultation.